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Dr Matthieu Rivain - CEO, Senior Cryptography Expert
Dr Sonia Belaïd - Senior Cryptography Expert
Dr Thibauld Feneuil - Engineer
Dr Ryad Benadjila - Senior Software Engineer
Nicolas Bon - PhD Student

Established in February 2009, CryptoExperts SAS was founded by globally acknowledged industrial and academic researchers specializing in IT security and cryptography. The company aims to bridge the substantial disparity between the scientific forefront and the technological landscape of contemporary security products. By offering consulting services and driving innovation aligned with business needs, CryptoExperts SAS facilitates the security industry in leveraging the latest advancements in cryptography to enhance their products and services.

Dr Jean-Charles Faugère - Co-funder & Chief Technical Officier (CTO)

Pioneering post-quantum cryptography, CryptoNext Security emerged as a startup in 2019 following over two decades of academic research by its founders at Sorbonne University (SU), INRIA, and CNRS in Paris.

The susceptibility to vulnerabilities arises when Post-Quantum remediation is not implemented correctly. To address this concern, CryptoNext has devised a comprehensive Quantum Safe multi-layer approach that incorporates a crypto library, protocols, objects, development tools, and application plugins.

Dr Thomas Prest - Lead Cryptography Researcher
Dr Thomas Epistau - Lead Cryptography Researcher
Dr Mary Maller - Cryptography Research Consultant
Dr Alexandre Wallet - Cryptography Researcher

PQShield represents an exceptional alliance of post-quantum cryptographers, engineers, and operators. They played a pivotal role in influencing the initial international standards for post-quantum cryptography set by NIST. Additionally, they achieved the milestone of being the first cybersecurity company to implement quantum-safe cryptography across chips, applications, and cloud environments.

Their proficiency, transparency, and dedication have empowered them to establish innovative global benchmarks in tandem with practical hardware and software enhancements in the post-quantum era. This has led to the modernization of crucial security systems and elements within the global technology supply chain.

Dr Thomas Ricosset - Cryptography Engineer

Thales, a worldwide technology powerhouse with a workforce exceeding 77,000 across five continents, is actively engaged in advancing digital and « deep tech » innovations. These encompass Big Data, artificial intelligence, connectivity, cybersecurity, and quantum technology, all geared towards establishing a future founded on trust.

Within the domains of defense and security, aerospace and space, digital identity and security, as well as transport, Thales delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions, services, and products. This aids its diverse clientele, including companies, organizations, and governments, in effectively executing their crucial missions.

Dr Mélissa Rossi - Post-Quantum Cryptography Researcher
Dr Ange Martinelli - Cryptography Researcher
Dr Romain Poussier - Cryptography Researcher
Dr Guénaël Renault - Deputy Head of Hardware Security Lab

Serving as the national authority for cyber defense, network, and information security (NIS), ANSSI functions as a reservoir of expertise, providing support to government departments and essential operators. Its responsibilities include promoting French technologies, systems, and know-how, contributing to the cultivation of trust in the digital realm.

Under the oversight of the SGDSN, the government transmission center collaborates with ANSSI to implement the secure command and liaison apparatus mandated by the President of the Republic and the Government. ANSSI actively guides French and European cybersecurity research initiatives.

Dr Pierre Loidreau - Cryptography Engineer
Dr Antonin Leroux - Cryptography Engineer
Dr Clément Dell'Aiera - Cryptography Researcher

As an expertise, testing, and engineering force within the Ministry of Armed Forces, the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) is tasked with sovereignly equipping the armed forces, shaping the future of defense systems, promoting European cooperation, and supporting exports.

With 18 sites in France, its 10,206 civilian and military personnel, including 62% in managerial, engineering, or expert roles, and its network of international collaborators, the DGA operates across all defense domains, including land, naval, and aerial combat, electronic communication and information systems, deterrence, space, cybersecurity, robotics, and more.

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